What vehicle will I be in?
Either a Lincoln Town Car, Chrysler 300 unless you requested SUV or Van. Our vehicles are livery insured, inspected regularly and maintained fastidiously. We will do our best to honor your preference whenever possible, but vehicle choice cannot be guaranteed.

What are your hours?
By appointment 24 hours a day and on-call from 4am-11pm daily.   The best way is to make online reservation on the top menu, if this is not possible Call 619-800-3515 to schedule your drive, and if you get the our voice male, please send a text or leave a message, we will call you immediately.

Where do I find you at the airport?

If you are doing curbside (recommended for discounted rate and faster).  We meet you at the curbside outside the baggage claim at the San Diego Airport.  We will track your flight and on arrival you will have a text message from the assigned driver, replay or cal back and notify the driver if you have bags checked in.  If you only have carry-on notify the driver so he/she can enter the terminal as you are heading out.  When you are outside the terminal, the San Diego Airport curbside is marked by Zones from (A-H) on Terminal 1, and Terminal 2 is marked with Zone (I-W), let your driver know what Zone you are standing next to.

Should I leave a tip?
In the United States, tipping for car service is generally 15-20% and is highly appreciated but at our company it is optional.

What form of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover or checks.
Prepayment can be arranged.

What is your cancellation policy?

If your ride is canceled prior to 48 hours you will receive a full refund. For 12-48 hours you will receive 50%. Rides canceled within 12 hours of pickup are not eligible for a refund.

Do you charge a waiting fee if my plane or train is late?
When you make your reservation we will request your flight/train number so we can track it. We offer a one-hour grace period from the scheduled time of your arrival. If your flight/train arrives more than one hour from its scheduled time, we add $5 for every half hour of waiting time. This fee is necessary because keeping the car available for you may prevent us from servicing other customers.

What is the minimum distance you’ll drive?
We charge $3 per mile with a $25 minimum .

How far are you willing to drive?
As far as you like or need! As long us we start or end in California.

Can I play my own music in the car?
If it plugs in we can play it, but if it is distracting to the driver we may request you use your headphones. Conversely, if you don’t like the music we’ve selected (or if you prefer a silent ride) feel free to tell us. It’s YOUR ride and we want you to be comfortable!

Can your provide us a special request?

we have aligned ourselves with many services that might be needed with a ride.  We can find the best security and specialty cars if you request.  For example if you need a security or need a specific cars, we have access to the best in the industry.

Why should you choose City Captain instead of all the Transportation companies in San Diego?

We operate from a basic belief that we get what we give.  We are also committed to giving more than we get.  We recognize that you will help us grow by speaking on the great customer service you will witness when you take our service.  Beside being the best business practice to make everyone that comes our way very happy with our service, we know we are nothing without our customers.  Therefore expect the best experience.  Don’t only take our words, read our five star rating on YELP!