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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy is designed in a manner that it will protect the information provided by the user while they are using our website. We are dedicated to ensuring that your personal privacy is protected. In case you are asked to disclose your private information in our website or over the phone, you can rest assured that your information information will only be used and protected as it is set in our policies.

What type of information do we usually collect?

Most of the information are usually collected while you are completing the quote or reservation form on our website and over the phone. Some other information can also be recorded while speaking on the phone, these are necessary in ensuring an accurate quote and reservation and service.

How do we use the information you provide?

We normally collect information from you that help us provide exceptional services to you. Information we receive from you will help us to provide an accurate pick up and improve our services, this can include sharing your information with other trusted companies to better provide you with services.

Information Security:

Our service is dedicated to ensuring that all the information you provide remain secure. Measures have been put in place to ensure that unauthorized access to these information are prevented.

How do we use cookies?

Cookies are computer files that can only be downloaded and run in your computer if you allow them. Cookies keeps track of your online activities and allow you to know sites that you have visited. Cookies make it possible for a company to respond to every individual according to his/her requirements. Cookies determine your preferences by maintaining record of various website you use. We use cookies to evaluate the traffic to your website and improve the system as necessary. Cookies do not give us, in any way, a chance to access to any personal information that is stored in your computer. We have other tracking software code on our website to help us fine tune our marketing and advertising campaigns.

Links on our website:

Our website may include links to other useful website. Clicking any of these links will direct you away from our website. Though we do not have control over any third party website, we are ensure that the links in our website leads to trusted party website, which has policies of protecting information of their clients.


To summarize, let me assure you that our company does not distribute your private information to any untrusted third party unless the law demand that we do so.

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